Entry #1

if aliens were to look upon us

2007-09-25 19:34:08 by DarkLabStudios

Dude, if something was watching down upon earth and saw us, as humans, are just standing still, haven successfully enslaved an entire race, dog, and just waiting while they sniff around, holding them by a string, what would they think of us? Would they consider that we successfully managed to enslave a race so well that they are either killed and eaten or owned by a human being?
Actually, would we even be able to understand them at all? Could it be that we are so biologically different that it is ultimately impossible to comprehend them at all? But what could this mean for science..if they were alike us biologically, with the same senses and organs that correspond to them, and our biology was the same, it would mean such a cap on science. However, if they were ultimately different from us that there was no link of correspondence between us, hence their biology being ultimately different than our own, it would mean that the vast complexities and branches of science are thus vaster and complex; ranging from so many sorts.


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2008-02-07 18:24:30

Hey Trevor, this is the guy from your class. I checked out all your flashes, they're very cool and I'm glad to see an anti clock submission lol. Be sure to let me know when your big project comes out.


2008-12-28 18:51:51