Trev and Spence need your help!

2010-03-11 03:05:02 by DarkLabStudios

Hey every body,
that time of year has come around again where doritos pits canadians to the test to create an online commercial. the hopes this year is that the commercials will be viral rather than, well, good. though my crew and i have found a happy medium between the two. introducing, INFINICHEESE!

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So what to do now? Simple, help us make it viral. There are tons of ways to do this, mainly more views, shares, diggs, tweets, and all the rest you can name. But on top of that, we're hosting a mini competition of our own.

Since we stand to win a lot of prize money, we want to give some back to those who helped us get this far in true Newgrounds fashion. We've allotted a potential $10,000 to be given to best video response if we win the grand prize and reach 10,000,000+ viral points. How do you enter this? Simple, post a video reply to our ad with a new fabulous feature or use for Infinicheese.

On top of that, since it's gonna take a couple of weeks till the judging is completed, we've created a side series project for your viewing pleasure. It stars Ron and Jeremy as they venture through the drug addicted world of Doritos Bad Habit Habanero. The first episode will be released tomorrow at midnight. Until then, enjoy.


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